An integral part to the overall development of an exceptional product is a team composed of remarkable scientists and science-minded people, who bring to the table experience and expertise that reflect our passion for discovery and innovation.

Through our collaborative efforts, we pledge to establish effective, predictable doses with every batch/lot produced. In addition, we will endeavour to improve upon current available delivery methods, by providing safer modes of administration, making Medical Cannabis accessible to the populace.

THC BioMed Intl Ltd. – Corporate Structure

President / CEO / Director:

John Miller

  • Designated grower under the previous MMAR program 
  • Registered Cultivator under Exemption 56 for MMPR


Tracey St. Denis

  • Principal CPA, CGA at T. St. Denis Inc., with over 20 years of accounting experience
  • Serves public companies, small & medium sized businesses and professional corporations.
  • Expertise to achieve capital and operational efficiency, financial reporting requirements, all while minimizing present and future  tax liabilities


Hee Jung Chun

  • Awarded a rare Exemption 56 from Health Canada to conduct R&D with Cannabis
  • Instrumental in guiding THC BioMed into a strong innovative company positioned to be Canada’s leading scientific institution 

George Smitherman

  • Dedicated more than 30 years to public policy fields at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Level, where roles as Senior Advisor, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and Ontario’s Minister of Health were held
  • During tenure as Minister of Health, 10 pieces of Legislation were shepherded, while working closely with a large Ministry legal team, Health Regulatory Bodies, Health Care Administrators and numerous patient and disease groups

Jason Walsh

  • 20 years of relevant business experience, including a 10 year career as a stockbroker
  • Specializing in taking private companies public for over 12 years, including structuring the deal, introducing capital to the project and achieving a successful listing

Scientific Team:

Y. Kim 

  • Received a PhD in Food Science Technology
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) trained

Botanist / Crop Scientist Consultant

  • Received a PhD in In Vitro Tissue Culture and a MS in Botany
  • Employed in the Plant Biotechnology Industry for 20 years

Riley McDonald

  • Received a Bachelors of Kinesiology
  • Involved with a Pre-Hospital / Disaster Medicine research group for 3 years, where valuable knowledge in research and working with local health and law was acquired


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