Amendment License Granted to THC BioMed

THC BioMed To Acquire Clone Shipper

THC BioMed Appears In Lift Cannabis Fall 2016 Issue

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THC BioMed Releases Packaging Design & Sets Pricing For Its’ 29 Strains At $4.20 / Gram

    THC BioMed Ltd. has completed the design and packaging of the 29 Cannabis strains of dried marijuana that it intends to offer its' patients, registered under the ACMPR, once permission to sell has been granted. All 29 Strains will be priced at $4.20 / gram. THC BioMed has structured pricing to reflect its’ mandate of [...]

THC BioMed Ltd. Demonstrates It’s Readiness To Supply Propagation Material To Patients, As Previewed By Lift Cannabis

Lift Cannabis CEO- Tyler Sookochoff,  Director of Communications - David Brown and contributing author - Natasha Raey paid THC BioMed Ltd. a visit today, to learn more about what the company has been up to, since receiving a Production License from Health Canada, in February. In preparation for receiving the "Sale"provision on the license, THC [...]

THC BioMed Ltd. Receives $118,823.00 From Government For Scientific Research & Experimental Development Projects

  In 2013, THC BioMed was granted a rare Exemption 56 License to conduct rigorous scientific investigation to assess the safety and efficacy of Cannabis and Cannabis compounds. In addition, phenotypes and genotypes of species were analyzed, from germination through flowering, in order to identify optimal growth conditions to achieve standardization. The Scientific Research & [...]

THC BioMed’s CEO Comments On Lift Article

Allowing personal production of medical cannabis is a huge step forward, but many questions remain about how feasible to plan will be any time soon. While we still have to wait and see the more minute details of the regulations on August 24th, Health Canada’s announcement last week about the allowance for personal and designated [...]

Analyst Predicts Marijuana Sector To Be Flooded With Activity

Partner with Jacob Capital Management and head of research, Khurram Malik, joins BNN for an analysis of the marijuana industry and what to expect next. He highlights the life cycle for this industry, as an important factor to view and believes there will be a spark of M&A activity to come.

THC BioMed Congratulates Health Canada On New ACMPR

  THC BioMed Ltd. would like to extend congratulations to Health Canada and Canadian Government for upholding the Canadian Constitution and respecting the rights of Canadian Medical Marijuana patients. Health Canada announced today the new regulations - Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). These new regulations will replace the now redundant MMPR regulations. [...]

THC BioMed Successfully Clones Autoflowering Strain

THC Biomed Ltd. has successfully cloned Autoflowering strains. Autoflowering strains are notoriously difficult to stabilize and reproduce through cloning, ultimately forcing growers to grow Autoflowering strains only from seed. Autoflowering strains have crossed Cannabis ruderalis genes with indica and sativa strains to provide desirable characteristics such as, decreased flowering time and compact stature. Autoflowering strains [...]