We intend to offer a broad spectrum of analytical services in conjunction with sophisticated scientific instrumentation and methodology, to bring precise and definitive results.

By exceeding regulatory compliance in accordance with Health Canada and Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), the Food and Drugs Act, Narcotic Control Regulations, standards set out by the European and US Pharmacopeia as well as, the AOAC and FDA regulations, we intend to provide analytical services that will remain unsurpassed within the medical cannabis community.

Product Testing Highlights:

  • Legitimate – Remaining an un-biased third party support service to Licensed Producers and growers looking to show their product is worthy of licensing
  • Analytical Operations – Based on fully validated and accredited methods
  • Scientists – Highly qualified, experienced and innovative minds
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) – Accompanies any test result.

Product Testing Options:

  • Quantitative / Potency – have your raw product analyzed at any stage of growth for basic cannabinoid (THC / CBD), advanced cannabinoid and terpenoid (aromatic) profiling, thereby determining percentage, pinpointing the optimal harvest date and meeting quality assurance protocols. Analyze your finished product to verify that it is of exceptional quality
  • Flavonoids & Phytosterols – full profiling to enhance your products description and selling features
  • Microbiological Screening – rest assured that your product is “free” from microbial contaminants or pathogens at all stages of production, specifically after drying and curing to ensure a safe and remarkable finished product
  • Aflatoxin – using thin layer chromatography technology developed specifically for the detection of aflatoxin presence, as well as high performance liquid chromatography for quantitative analysis
  • Moisture Analysis – part of a full analytical profile to determine moisture percentage in a finished product
  • Heavy Metals – analysis of heavy metals outlined in the US Pharmacopeia, to ensure levels are below acceptable tolerance limits or absent, as well as the option of a complete analysis of elemental components
  • Pesticides – analysis of finished product to detect any substances that may have been used as growth regulators, defoliants, desiccants, or used in any manner to control pests at any point during production
  • Product Integrity / Storage Analysis – a finished product has a tendency to degrade over time, if not finished or stored properly. Eliminate this concern by having an analysis performed at random times during storage, to detect any changes to the cannabinoid content percentage (%) and determine optimum storage parameters
  • Fertilizer / Nutrient Analysis – optimize the feeding schedule by possessing the knowledge of when to apply certain nutrients and choosing what kind of fertilizer to use

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