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5) Governing Law
THC BioMed Ltd. is a licensed producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), operating in British Columbia, Canada. These terms and conditions will be interpreted and enforced, when applicable, as per the laws in British Columbia and Canada.


THC BioMed Ltd. is committed to safeguarding and keeping your information confidential. The following outlines our policies in place to adhere to these commitments.

Personal information will not be collected and/or stored without a valid reason or purpose to do so. Personal information collected will solely be used for the indicated purpose on which the information was collected, unless expressed consent has been given. Information collected will not be stored longer than required to fulfill its purpose or as required by law.

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Availability, Prices, and Inaccuracies
We do not guarantee the accuracy of prices, availability, or technical information provided on our site. This information may be updates at any time, without notice.

To conduct a purchase, you may be asked to provide credit card information and personal information required to ensure your identity and your account with THC BioMed Ltd. By submitting this information, you are giving THC BioMed Ltd consent to provide relevant information to third parties for the purpose of processing your payment.

THC BioMed Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any order for reasons including, but not limited to, product availability, errors in ordering or payment, missing or false information, or if an order is believed to be fraudulent. THC BioMed Ltd, and its employees will not be held accountable for losses or damages related to cancelation of orders.

Refund/Returns/Delivery Policies
THC BioMed Ltd. has a policy of accepting no returns except in the case of a recall. All returns must be done in compliance with the ACMPR. Refunds for Marihuana Plants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. For each instance a refund may be warranted, THC BioMed Ltd will investigate to determine the legitimacy of the claim. This investigation may include considerations for all the following: If a phone call is placed to THC BioMed Ltd in a timely mater, package was received without delay, evidence such as a date-stamped photo of the issue or a photo of the shipment’s condition, and the number of plants affected.

THC BioMed Ltd reserves the right to refuse refunds on all shipments. THC BioMed Ltd. takes no responsibility for damages that result from shipping these materials or the inability for a client to receive the delivery in a timely fashion.

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