THC BioMed Introduces New Brand Smoke That Thunders

THC BioMed offers its most potent selection of cannabis as it celebrates ten years in the industry!

Officially launched April 20, 2022 just in time for the annual 4/20 celebration, THC BioMed launched Smoke That Thunders, its premium line of dried flowers. All Smoke That Thunders strains has a THC potency of at least 18% and are organically grown and tended by hand to the highest standards. The lineup consists of all original strains namely Victoria Falls “Smoke That Thunder,” BC Indoor Lucid Bolt, Jacky White, AllKush, Malawi Gold, White Berry, BC Highbrid, BC Indoor Nebula, and the highly coveted and most popular Dragon’s Lettuce Premium Sativa, formerly under the THC BioMed brand. 

“As one of the pioneers in the industry, we have seen how the landscape evolved. With this and the public demand for an elevated cannabis experience, we developed Smoke That Thunders. The line up consists of our most potent strains. We’ve put a lot of thought about the quality, taste, experience, and selection from Smoke That Thunders because we want a brand that our customers are proud to enjoy”, John Miller, President and CEO THC BioMed.

Headlining the launch is Dragon’s Lettuce Premium Sativa which will be available in OCS starting in May. Availability in British Columbia and other provinces will quickly follow in coming months.

To know more, visit its new website and the official Instagram page.

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