Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ:

All our cannabis is grown indoors at facilities in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia.
Did you know we are Canada’s oldest licensed producer? Our story begins in 2012 with our founding. The following year, we were granted a rare license exemption that let us cultivate and research cannabis for more than five years before the widespread legalization in 2018. We have used that time to find the best possible strains in each category.
Here at THC BioMed, we’re passionate about growing all our strains organically, with the purest of nutrients and without the use of pesticides or other exogenous chemicals.

We are a publicly traded company on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the symbol THC. Click here to follow our Investors link for more information on investing in our company.

We are always looking for hardworking and talented individuals for a passion for the industry. If interested, please contact us by sending in your resume to

Products/Retail FAQ:

We’re best known for our premium Landrace strains. At a great price, our Landrace Sativa being a particular favorite among customers.

Our THC Kiss products are a great alternative to dry flower perfect for inexperienced and long-time cannabis users alike! Check out our THC Kiss page for more information on easing into our edible products.

There’s a few things to consider when choosing a strain:

  • Flavor and aroma. A strain’s terpene profile can produce subtle or intense flavors and aromas
  • Desired effects, such as a head high vs. a body high
  • Potency (how strong an effect the strain has on the user)
  • Growing method (Don’t worry, all our cannabis is grown using organic methods and tended to by hand)
  • Budget. We love this one, as we offer some of the best cannabis at some of the best prices!

Keep snooping around our website, clicking on a strain will lead you right to more information about its appearance, aroma, etc!

THC BioMed’s Landrace strains are proprietary strains. THC BioMed’s team of cultivators have spent years cultivating the perfect Landrace strain. What makes landrace strains unique is that they grew and adapted to the environment of their origin. 

The Landrace strains at THC BioMed are grown in an environment that is replicated like its origin to achieve the same growth and development as its original natural habitat.  

Yes, we love using organic growing methods here at THC BioMed. Our plants are grown in soil as it yields significant benefits for the plant, we want to ensure that our plants grow in an environment that simulates a natural growing environment. 

Our soil is never recycled as we want each plant to achieve optimal growth and health. Our team of growers are committed to ensuring that our product is grown organically without the use of pesticides and exogenous chemicals. Countless years have gone into researching the best cultivation methods and our quality assurance team meets and exceeds our high standards along the way, as well as the strict guidelines set by Health Canada.

All THC BioMed packaging materials are 100% recyclable. These include bottles, bags, plastic containers, and lids BUT remember to take the labels off the packaging when recycling. 

At THC BioMed we want to ensure maximum potency and quality of the product . We like to leave much of the bud intact in the drying process, this contributes to the finished products having optimal moisture. All our buds are hand trimmed to avoid over handling and processing, we want to ensure the optimal aroma, trichome retention, and quality during the drying and curing stages.

So, if you notice any tiny leaf’s sticking out on your favorite strain, don’t worry. It’s our team doing a great job to preserve all the potency your bud has to offer. 


THC KISS Edibles and beverages have an onset time as low as 10-20 minutes. Our products are great for beginners as well as seasoned users and are perfect for starting slow and adjusting the dosage as one prefers.

*Some effects could last for as long as 24 hours.

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We recommend consuming our THC Kiss Cannabis beverage chilled and remind consumers that after opening the beverage should be refrigerated and consumed shortly after.

As for our gummies, our airtight packaging is perfect to keep gummies fresh and chewy.

*Make sure to keep any cannabis products properly labelled and kept in a safe place.

Start low, go slow: True for beginners and long-time cannabis users alike!

Inexperienced users should not consume more than half of the THC KISS bottle at once until they are able to determine its effects. After that, users can increase their dosage as desired.

As for the THC KISS Edibles, all users are advised to consume no more than half of the serving at once.

Medical FAQ:

Start with getting a prescription for medical marihuana from your doctor. All forms and further directions can be found on our Patients page, or on the Health Canada website.
With a medical license, you have a grams per day prescription and are able to buy a 2 month supply at one time. The regulations state 30 grams of dried cannabis (or the equivalent) as the maximum amount allowed to be purchased or carried on a person at a time without a medical license.

Here Are A Few Key Points:

  • COVERED BY INSURANCE Covered under medical prescription by most major providers
  • MEDICAL TAX WRITE OFF Applicable against your tax returns
  • SUPERVISED BY A PHYSICIAN Professional Physicians will provide all of the education and counseling to help you get started
  • BETTER PRICING & SELECTION Purchasing directly from licensed producers means better pricing.
  • CONVENIENCE Easy online ordering with often same day shipping to your door
Registration will start as soon as we receive a completed Application form, supported by a Registration document (either an ACMPR license or Medical Document). You will receive a confirmation email after three to five bussiness days or as soon as the verification process is completed.

You must be of legal age in accordance with the law of your province.

Are you 19 or older?